De special in Hello Zuidas Magazine Mei/Juni staat in het teken van sport. Wij zetten alvast wat sportfeitjes op een rij. Meer weten over sport op de Zuidas? Lees de special in het magazine


• 53% of Dutch people play sports or work out on a weekly basis

• 70% of Dutch people play sports or work out on a monthly basis

• 31% of Dutch people are members of a sports club

• Dutch men spend more time on fitness activities than women: men spend an average of 1.7 hours a week; women 1.1 hours.

• The number of people who made a resolution to devote more time to fitness activities in 2016 rose to 13%, compared to 2015 – from 37% to 50%.

The top 5 most popular ways to get in shape in 2016 are:

• 43% working out

• 26% running/jogging • 22% hiking/walking

• 17% swimming (water polo not included)

• 15% cycling/bicycle touring (incl. mountain biking and hand cycling)



In 2016 a huge number of people turn to personal trainers who are fully certified and know precisely what’s what. And who, more importantly, can motivate you to go the extra mile and won’t stand for lame excuses!


This year, yoga is as popular as ever. Through a combination of specific exercises, it restores balance to both body and mind. Yoga is about staying fit and optimizing your breathing, with controlled exertion followed by total relaxation.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout that alternates brief intervals of all-out exertion with brief intervals of rest. It improves fitness, boosts metabolism and burns fat, all in a minimum of time – a HIIT session usually lasts only 15-20 minutes.


We spend a large share of our days at work, so a well-organized and ergonomically sound workspace is vital. Growing awareness about the importance of employee health is also having an overall positive effect on productivity.



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