Themed Battle of the Professions, this year’s Zuidas Run will see bankers, consultants and lawyers vie for the race title.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 15.41.14For this 2016 edition, everyone is invited to ‘join the battle and fight for your profession!’ In previous years, consultants and bankers carried the day. Which profession will be first to cross the finish line this year? Most companies in Zuidas are represented in the race, with employees normally running as a team to raise money for a charitable cause. But you don’t have to work in Zuidas to take part! Everyone is invited to enter the 4 and 10-mile runs.

There are also Kids Runs for children aged 6 and under (1.5 lap) and ages 7-11 (2.5 lap). Runners can also sign up with colleagues, business associates, friends or family for the 5 x 2-mile team relay race. To register, visit:

Bron: Hello Zuidas


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